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This pages is meant for latest or current issues on the K-Car scenes. It will then updated according to the information gathered.

Any information are welcome from you and the information's can be publish in this pages. Contacts eis@zWallet.com for the latest information that we can shares together. Thank you.

The first edition of k-car zines:

Mira L512 Moderno Avanzato R

Conversion Cost


Complete set of Avanzato Seats
Mira's seatbelt
Apexi Meter
Greedy Boost Meter / Volt Meter
Mira Mickey Mouse carpet Mat
Clarion Audio Player / Cassette and Cd's
Pioneer Dual X Speaker 


Daihatsu Mira Moderno L512 Bodykit
Daihatsu Mira Moderno L512 Moon Roof
L200 Spoiler
Crystal Light of Mira Moderno L512
Spot Light of Mira Moderno L512
Rear Bonet plus bumper of Mira Moderno L512
Orange and Green Pearl Colour


K-Car sport Rim 14" using 145/55 series
Alloy Nut Screw Tyre


Complete engine L512
Power Flow Air Filter :: HKS ::
K-Car Sport Blow Off Valve
5-Zigen Exhaust
L512 OEM Absorbers

Total conversion of RM27,800.00

Mira L200 Moderno


Complete set of TRXX Seats
RPM Meter
Mira Mickey Mouse carpet Mat
SONY Audio Player / Cassette
AUDIO PHONAR amplifier kit


Daihatsu Mira Moderno L200 Complete Bodykit
Daihatsu Mira Moderno L200 Side circt.
Metallic Standard Kancil Colour


OEM Daihatsu Mira L500 sport Rim 13" using 165/60 series
Absorbers Gabriel for front and TOKICO for rear
A Set of KIMEX sport Spring 


Twin Tail Daihatsu Mira Exhaust System
Strut Bar [front n rear]

Perodua Kancil / Daihatsu Mira in Rally Dirt International Event

Great stuff from an international events involving k-car enthusiast.








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